Backing Up My Video Files

Backing up my video files is something that I take super seriously.  I haven’t had a problem yet (knock on wood) but I know it’s only a matter of time before I have a catastrophic meltdown with my computer’s hard drive.  I mean, it’s been working hard for about two years.

Hard drives can break at any time, whether they are old or new.  So backing up your important files is extremely extremely important.  Especially with footage and photos that you won’t be able to get back or do over.  That is what really scares me.  A few skate shots that I have that my friends might not pull again because we won’t be able to get back to that spot, or they won’t pull it the same way.

backblazelogoRight now I’m running two different backup methods – I’m doing local backups to an external hard drive.  I am also continuously backing up to the cloud using Backblaze.  The reason I’m using Backblaze for this is because it’s unlimited.  They don’t have as great of access to your files like some of the other cloud backup engines, but I don’t need that for this purpose.   What’s important to me here is that I can back my files up and have them somewhere off site and a secure second location.  I like that.  I wrote this review of Backblaze and you can see what I think is good and bad about it in that review.  But overall Backblaze has different pros and cons from something like MyPCBackup (which I incidentally use for my work computer).

Anyway, I definitely think it’s wise to back up your files, and in the even that you have very valuable files that can NOT be repeated in the event you lose them, I suggest a local backup as well as a secondary offsite cloud backup.  This way you can rest easy.

Some Thoughts On Filming – What Makes It Different

What makes an action sports video stand out?  What makes it different or unique?  This is hard to define.  Definitely top notch performances by the athletes.  But I feel like there’s something else too, something else that lets you see past the image on the screen and into the lives of the athletes on the screen.


One thing that I really like to do is put thoughtful candid shots on the screen.  Even if it’s a minute of dialog from one of the people in the video.  People have told me that they really like these aspects of the videos that I’ve been making.  You get to know the players without stilted interviews.  Everyone does interviews.  I’m not so sure I like that format.  And I get kind of bugged when people tell me they want an interview to get to know the girls better.  I actually think that you get to know the girls better through the candid stuff – because it’s unfiltered.

What do you think?  Would you rather see interviews or candid stuff?

Another thing that I try to think about is how to get a new angle on something that’s been around a while.  Skate and surf videos have been showing the same things in the same ways, and it’s tough to find a new unique angle and method of showing these sports.  Maybe the secret lies in the content?

Can you make the content great and also original?  Fresh?  How can you get a new perspective when so many perspectives have already been done?

Maybe fresh editing and a good soundtrack?  It’s totally up in the air as to what really makes for a better video.

I really think it’s a mix of good content, and creative and fresh editing, and a good soundtrack.  I’m trying to think of my favorite videos…and it’s more the fresh editing.  I don’t always find that my fav videos are the ones that are over-the top with the action or crazy camera stuff.  Like, they’re impressive, but I’d rather watch something a little more home-made and fun.  Not too overproduced.